Top 7 Spring Break Destinations for Spring Break 2017

If you’re looking for a great spring break 2012,we’ve just made it easier for you. Listed below are the top seven spring break destinations.  Pick the one you like the most for a spring break you and your friends will never forget.

1. Cancun,Mexico.  If you want to join the crowd and get the party started,spring breaks in Cancun is the right vacation for you. Cancun is a mini paradise in Mexico’s Caribbean Islands,and is currently rated as the #1 spring break destination. The headquarters of MTV’S Spring Break are at the Oasis in Cancun. The most popular (and most inclusive) spring break hotel is Cancun’s Be Live Cancun. If you’re looking for an exotic,popular destination,this is it.

2. Punta Cana. If you love watersports and enjoy gigantic beach parties in your spring break,Punta Cana is your perfect choice. Featured as the Domician Republic’s most popular resort,this is a top destination with many college students on spring break. Nightlife gets fantastic and wild with gigantic beach parties! Get ready for an adventure full of activities and fun when you travel to Punta Cana.

3. Panama City Beach,  Florida.  If you’re looking for a good time without breaking your budget,this is a popular spring brink Panama City Beach destination that offers affordable packages. Head to the two largest night clubs in the city. Visit Spinnaker,a mega party club,or Club La Vela,the largest club in the United States. Specials run cheap and the beautiful coastlines make for a memorable vacation!

4. South Padre Island,  Texas.  If you’re looking for encounters with celebrities,gigantic parties,world famous unique clubs,and a cheap spring break destination,spring break South Padre Island,TX,is hot on the list. A definite hotspot in the United States for partying and fun,it hosts over ½ million college students every year! Head to the popular resort for comfortable accommodations and enjoy the fun experience!

5. Negril,  Jamaica Beachgoers who would enjoy seven miles of white sand,a huge resort,and blue waters with blue skies overhead will find Negril to be a perfect retreat. The laid back,comfortable Jamaican vibe is just right for a relaxing time. Travel enthusiasts call Negril one of the top ten resort towns in the world. There’s also plenty of fun to be had with the activities offered by the gigantic,luxurious resort!

6. Yachting in Virgin Islands.  Sailing around the Caribbean’s most exotic places and the British Virgin Islands could be your perfect spring break Virgin Islands adventure. Join a group of yachts with your friends for the most enticing,wonderful adventure of your life. You can also explore shopping sites and popular restaurants in the West Indies on your trip through the Virgin Islands.

7. Spring Break Cruise to Freeport Bahamas from Miami.  Your spring break Freeport Bahamas cruise from Miami will be one of the most memorable adventures of your life. Head from Fort Lauderdale,Miami,to Freeport,Grand Bahama Island—all on a luxurious,beautiful cruise ship! The ship features all kinds of fun activities so you’ll never be bored. Join over 1,200 other spring breakers on the 500-foot-long ship for a week of glamorous fun.