Sprig Break Yachts

Yachting in the British Virgin Islands is a fantastic spring break destination choice. It’s perfect for anyone looking for exotic adventure and a new sight to meet their eyes every day. Take a route that will bring you to new places during an 8-day trip,via a comfortable and luxurious yacht. The yachting trips through the British Virgin Islands include 15 to 25 yachts with 150-250 people,and a different environment to look forward to at every destination.

View the Caribbean ocean,feel a breezy warm wind on your face,watch the palm trees wave in the sun,and realize you’re in the middle of a paradise when you reach the Virgin Islands.

A Typical Yachting 8-Day Trip Through the British Virgin Islands

Check your current spring break 2010 British Virgin Island routes. It may be similar,but some of the destinations might be different.

  • Day 1:Take a taxi after you arrive from the airport to the marina where you’ll be greeted. Take a trip through the restaurants,shopping areas and hotspots of the West Indies. Before you go on your yacht adventure,experience the beautiful shops,tasty meals at diverse restaurants,and the slow,easy life of the Indies. While you’re waiting for the yacht,be prepared to stock up on food for your adventure!
  • Day 2:Sail on the yacht to the southwest of the Virgin Gorda to visit the beautiful rock formation known as the Baths. This is a perfect area for snorkeling adventures and beautiful beach relaxations. This is a must stop for the spring break destination traveler! Bring your camera,but make sure it’s waterproof. Later in the day,you’ll sail towards Peter Island,where you can enjoy a spa. Eat supper on a beautiful Caribbean beach to conclude a perfect day.
  • Day 3:Sail towards the stunning Jost van Dyke area and the White Bay. Three bars at are these local hotspots:the Soggy Dollar Bar,home of the Painkiller drink;Ivan’s Stress Free Bar;and Gertrude’s. Then,you’ll head towards the Great Harbor,the home of Foxy’s Bar,where you’ll be staying the night. Enjoy crazy parties and Carribean music!
  • Day 4:Head out to Sandy Spit on the east end of Jost van Dyke for a morning swim. Sail throughout the day along Tortola towards the beautiful Marina Cay,a small island with a restaurant and bar. Behind the island,beautiful coral reefs make for a fun snorkeling experience. You’ll be eating a tasty dinner at Marina Cay.
  • Day 5:Look forward to a one-of-a-kind beach haven! Anegeda,home of one of the top Caribbean beaches,is your next destination stop. Enjoy a great lunch party at the bay with lobster barbeque and Caribbean music.
  • Day 6:You’ll be sailing south to the north part of the Virgin Gorda. You’ll pass Necker Island,Sir Richard Branson’s private island. Head up to some exclusive resorts that charge up to $1000 per night. The North Sound is the perfect area to relax and enjoy a warm,sunny beach day.
  • Day 7:Sail along the Sir Francis Drake Channel and head for “Treasure Island,” the old hangout place for Pirates. Enjoy a marvelous snorkeling experience in the Caves,where you’ll find beautiful coral reefs. Your night will be lots of fun at the Pirate’s Bight beach restaurant,and you’ll be spending the night on Willie T,a 30 meter schooner.
  • Day 8:The fun adventure comes to a close. You probably don’t ever want to head back to college life! The fun memories you made along the journey,however,won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Early in the morning,your yacht will head out to the Road Town and ensure your arrival back by 10 am.