Spring Break Cruises

If you like the Caribbean and cruise ships,you can’t get any more nearer your dream vacation than a spring break cruise! This one features a cruise ride all the way to beautiful Freeport,Bahamas from Miami,Florida. Start at Fort Lauderdale,Florida,and end up in reality paradise! Rated as the number 1 spring break cruise trip,this cruise ride will sure to be one you’ll always treasure in your memory. Take a break from college life and go on the ultimate spring break cruise.

The cruise ship takes you to Freeport,Bahamas,where it docks for five days and four nights. You can party and enjoy the surroundings on land in the beautiful Bahamas area. The trip there isn’t going to be boring either. The cruise ship you’ll take for the spring break packages feature over 1,200 other spring breakers going to the same destination you are. The cruise ship itself is 500 feet long,and the all-you-can-eat buffets are filled with all kinds of delicious cuisines,and are featured for both breakfast and lunch. The ship features real Las Vegas style casinos,outdoor (or indoor) games and activities,shows,and all kinds of sundecks where you can relax and get your perfect tan. The tips as well as port charges are all included in your spring break packages price!

What You’ll Need For Your Cruise

Don’t forget to get a passport. This is essential for traveling to the Bahamas. You’ll also need to be at least 18 to go on the trip. In the Bahamas,drinking age doesn’t start at 21…it starts at 18! 15 minutes after the cruise ship embarks,you’ll be in international waters and in the zone where you can drink at any age 18 and up. Flights are not included in the spring break packages,so be sure you have one booked and ready if you need a flight to Florida.

  • What You’ll Get In Your Spring Break Cruise Packages
  • An entire roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale,Florida to Freeport,Bahamas
  • Hotel accommodations for five days and four nights
  • Transfers from or to hotels
  • Buffet meals on the cruise ship
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks accessible on the ship
  • Nightly parties;daily poolside events


One of the most pristine and beautiful cruise destinations is the Bahamas. When you land in Freeport,you’ll immediately notice the gorgeous,breathtaking environment. Explore the white,sandy beaches that seem to stretch on and on,or party with your friends at the pool. You can also go snorkeling and parasailing for water adventure fun. Head to the clubs for nightlife partying and fun. During the days you can watch or even swim with the dolphins in the Caribbean sea. The tropical beach clubs are perfect for partying non-stop as well. Or,meet celebrities in the area! MTV is the Spring Break sponsor here,so you’ll have some amazing spring break events. People who have appeared at the spring break area are none other than the Bachelor from ABC’s show and celebrities from MTV’s Real World and Road Rules. If MTV is filming during their spring break,you could be the next star they’ll locate.
If you catch it in time,the Mardi Gras party that goes on the area is huge and the perfect time to celebrate your college spring break. It’s massive,and full of fun for everyone!