Punta Cana Spring Break

Beautiful climates,  large beaches,  unending types of fun watersports and activities—that’s Punta Cana.  If you’re looking for the perfect college spring break,  head to the increasingly popular Punta Cana destination.  For American college or university students,  the resort at Punta Cana features a lot of potential fun.  The tropical climate is perfect for a sunny day at the beach,  swimming in the warm,  beautiful waters.

Punta Cana is the top resort spot in the entire Dominican Republic.  It offers all-inclusive spring break,or standard beachfront hotel choices.  The large resort in the area has lagoons and palms with a wonderful,  beautiful structure.  The nightlife is nothing short of fantastic on Punta Cana.  Massive beach parties and party clubs make the night a fun adventure for spring breakers.  Punta Cana is also famous for its different shops and stalls that sell beautiful,original handcrafted items.

What to look forward to when you visit Punta Cana:

  • Resorts with spring break packages
  • Unending games,activities,and watersports to choose from and participate in
  • Mix with groups of American and Canadian students who visit every year
  • Lively party atmosphere
  • Famous for windsurfing and parasailing
  • Longest coral reef in the area,perfect for snorkelers and scuba divers
  • Glass bottomed boat trips
  • Cooling breezes,no rainfalls,beautiful warm weather
  • Mix in nightclubs only featuring spring breakers

History of Punta Cana

Originally,Punta Cana was an island inhabited by the Taino Indians,years ago. In the 15th century,  Christopher Columbus discovered it,and afterwards it was a primary point from which the Spaniards conquered much of the Americas. An interesting fact to note about the Dominican Republic itself is that the current country of Haiti used to be the western side of the Dominican Republic. The eastern side of the Dominican Republic,including Punta Cana,has a long history of struggles for independence. It has suffered economic problems,and recovered (recently) from a brutal dictator. The area of Punta Cana is a tribute to its survival and work ethic to bring itself back to standards of excellence. That sunken economy of decades ago is nowhere to be found in the rich,beautiful vacation spot. Attracting more and more tourists every year,Punta Cana is located on the farthest eastern point of the island and has white sandy beaches with sparkling,warm waters.

Don’t Leave Without Your Passport &Be Careful of the Water

All U.S. citizens traveling by plane must have a valid passport. If you’re from Canada,Mexico,Bermuda,and other places,you’ll still need one as well. When you arrive,you’ll need to buy a tourist card for $10. The official language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish…be prepared! Never,ever drink water from the faucets in the area unless it has been specifically tested. It could make you sick. Instead,buy clean bottled water at the local retailer stores.
When you go,plan on having fun! Pack an extra bathing suit and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing along the way.  You’re in for a spring break adventure you’ll never forget.