Panama City Beach Spring Break

If you want a good time without breaking your bank,  Panama City Beach Spring Break  is your perfect college spring break destination. It’s the #1 cheap spring break destination and is home to MTV Spring Break as well. Not only is it cheap…it features top quality and a huge party life! Over ½ a million college students visit Panama City Beach,Florida every year. No passport is needed…simply go for a road trip to get there!

One great feature is the A-list celebrities that you can meet at MTV Spring Break beach parties as well as at the local concerts. The Club La Vela,located at Panama City Beach,Florida is the largest mega club in the United States! You must 18 to party,and 21 to drink. Huge beach parties feature social fun in gigantic crowds. The one thing in common everyone has? They’re a spring breaker in the area for a good time! The clubs in the area stay open until 4am. Party till you drop when you visit spring break Panama City Beach,Florida destinations.

    Features of Panama City Beach Spring Break Fun:

  • Some of the most spectacular waters in the world
  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Parties,celebrities,and unending fun
  • Daily volleyball tournaments,slip and slides,skin diving,aquatic sports and activities
  • Go-kart races,miniature golf courses
  • Daily 80 degree temperature with high humidity
  • Locals will offer drink specials and their favorite food

Panama City Beach,Florida is actually a small town that only has 7,500 citizens. However,the beautiful beach and surrounding scenery make it seem like a virtual paradise. It is a home town but is fast becoming a virtual vacation destination for spring breakers and college spring break destinations. Enjoy the cool water and take in the surrounding scenery of the land. Go diving and experience the underwater sights of beautiful coral reefs and more. Imagine you’re in a little paradise. Then,head out to the mega nightclubs when the sun goes down for a night of unending partying and fun.

Spring Break Destination:Fun &Relaxation

Enjoy a week of your spring break filled with all kinds of fun activities every day when you head out to Panama City Beach. Meet celebrities you’ve dreamed about,and experience the rush and pulse of a huge,major nightclub. Enjoy the huge beach parties. Forget about college and let yourself have a wild time with loads of fun!